Business Continuity & Recovery

Crisis response and planning, reputation management, agile leadership, transparent and timely communications, working with stakeholders, strengthening partnerships, planning for recovery. Adapting and growing in the post-pandemic world, leveraging new partnerships, engaging with communities and stakeholders, workplace health and safety standards, managing and building supply chains.

Cash Flow & Finances

Managing capital, accessing and restructuring credit facilities, securities issues, tax relief measures, government support.

Employment & Pensions

Employee health, mandatory closure orders by governments, temporarily ceasing operations, layoffs, operating as (or becoming) an “essential” workplace, managing issues of pay, labour contracts, preserving your workforce, pension plan administration, and planning ahead to restarting your business.

Litigation & Risk Management

Force majeure, managing contract obligations, negotiating contracts during the pandemic, insurance coverage, risk management. Suspension of limitation periods and litigation time limits, limited court operations, pandemic-related litigation, class actions.

Regulatory & Legislative

How emergency measures affect your operations, regulatory compliance, environmental compliance.

Securities, Governance & Dealmaking

Directors’ duties, annual shareholder meetings, directors & officers liability, M&A, shareholder activism, financial reporting relief.

Trusted Counsel in Times of Crisis

Based upon our knowledge and experience in crisis and risk management in Canada, we have the ability to guide our clients through developing mitigation plans, responding to events, protecting reputations and managing high-value litigation.

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