Bennett Jones has broad expertise in all facets of crisis and risk management.

Our lawyers have successfully guided leading business organizations through all aspects of crisis and risk management—from risk assessments and developing strategic plans to manage crises, to successfully defending “bet the farm” litigation matters, to managing regulatory investigations which can lead to material reputational damage, and to ensure that the fault revealed by the assessment or crisis is addressed. Our principal objective at all times during a crisis is to serve as trusted counsel and advisors to our clients, in order to permit senior management to prioritize and remain focused on the immediate and longer-term business decisions that must be made in the circumstances.

We remain deeply committed to remaining a market leader in advising clients on how to identify risks and avoid crisis situations, to develop policies and procedures to mitigate risks, and to address such situations when they arise, including communication strategies, legally-privileged internal investigations, brand-protection strategies, and insurance-related issues.

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Crisis and Risk Management Survey 2020

Take a closer look at the current state of crisis and risk management as told by Canadian general counsel and senior executives in our Crisis and Risk Management Survey summary findings.

Trusted Counsel in Times of Crisis

Based upon our knowledge and experience in crisis and risk management in Canada, we have the ability to guide our clients through developing mitigation plans, responding to events, protecting reputations and managing high-value litigation.

Where We Help

Class Actions

Defending client interests against all manner of class action.

Climate Change

Helping clients navigate policy and regulation in the areas of climate change, ESG and sustainable finance.

Community Activism, Contractor Management & Security

Addressing blockades, security breaches, safety and security incidents and other events or crises impacting operations.

Competition & Antitrust

Responding to cartel, competition and anti-trust investigations and defending anti-trust class actions.

Cyber Breach Readiness & Response

Preparing for and responding to data and cybersecurity breaches and defending breach class actions.

Employment & Labour

Mitigating risk and disputes on employment matters, including harassment complaints and labour investigations.

Environmental Disasters

Preparing for and managing environmental disasters, investigations, regulatory orders and related tort and class action litigation.

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

Helping clients define ESG factors that are relevant to their business, identifying risks and opportunities, formulating and integrating policies and systems; crafting the ESG narrative to communicate internally and externally.

Foreign Corrupt Practices

Dealing with foreign corrupt practices, anti-money laundering legislation and corrupt practices investigations.


Dealing with employee and third-party fraud and assisting with fraud recovery, including through Anton Piller orders and Mareva injunctions.

Governmental Affairs & Public Policy

Exceptional knowledge of Canadian government, international affairs, cross-border issues and policy development is a key component of our ability to provide clients with strategic legal and business advice.

High-Stakes Litigation

Managing complex high-value litigation that can impact going concern value.

International Trade, Business Ethics & Corruption

Dealing with supply chain disruptions, export controls & economic sanctions violations, and bribery and foreign corrupt practices.

Occupational Health & Safety

Responding to critical injuries and fatalities, Ministry of Labour investigations and stop work orders.

Product Recalls & Crises

Mitigating product liability, including product recalls, food and health-care crises, and product liability class action defence.

Reputation Management

Developing strategic responses to crises, including reputational management with government, communities, regulators, shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders, and protecting corporate and executive reputation and prosecuting defamation claims.

Restructuring & Insolvency

Managing situations that can lead to balance sheet recapitalizations, restructuring and/or insolvencies, with a particular focus on director and officer exposure.

Securities Disputes

Responding to securities regulatory investigations, financial restatements, disclosure issues, securities class actions, addressing whistleblower complaints and managing shareholder disputes.

Shareholder Activism & Critical Situations

Responding to shareholder activism and corporate governance issues, and defending against corporate takeovers and proxy contests.


The whole Bennett Jones team has been amazing to work with and a true partner to the business.
Their advice and strategic outlook are invaluable.

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Radha D. Curpen
Radha D. Curpen
Vice Chair and National Leader, ESG Strategy and Solutions

Crisis and Risk Management