This is Business Law Talks, the Bennett Jones' podcast series that sits at the intersection of law and policy. Join our lawyers and advisors as they examine today's most complex issues to help guide companies doing business in Canada.

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International Trade: Canada's Relationships With Its Key Trading Partners

October 22, 2020

Listen to how Canada's relationships with its key trading partners are shaping the landscape of Canadian international trade. Darrel Pearson hosts a discussion with Valerie Hughes and John Weekes on Canada's trading relationship with the United States, how the CUSMA will affect Canadian businesses, trade and investment relations with China, Canada's unique position with its CPTPP and CETA partners, and the importance of the WTO to Canada.

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Infrastructure and Indigenous Engagement

September 17, 2020

New infrastructure projects will be an important part of Canada's recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, and many will be situated on the path of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Listen to what the evolving legal, policy and business environments mean for engagement with Indigenous communities on investment in infrastructure projects in Canada. Serge Dupont hosts this discussion with Will Osler and Sharon Singh, all of Bennett Jones LLP.

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A Way Forward: Energy Industry Ready to Fuel Canada's Recovery

July 08, 2020

Canada must make the energy sector a driving force of our economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear how we can do this while pursuing climate change goals, through transformative innovation and partnership between industry, governments and Indigenous communities. Claire Kennedy hosts this discussion with Vivek Warrier and Serge Dupont, all of Bennett Jones LLP.

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